Gossack KnivesGossack Knives are hand-made, intended to be held, used, shared, and enjoyed, then passed down to your kids and grand kids.

My goal here in my shop is to make a knife that fulfills those points, and just as importantly, at a price most people can afford. I’m not making “art” knives, these are meant to dress out a deer, or an elk, cut rope, or clean a fish. I want my knives to go to work.

In my opinion, an “art” knife can be a great investment, I own more than my share, but you don’t want to drop a $750 knife in a gut pile. Then again, most of us don’t want to carry a knife we pried out of a blister pack from a big box store. I hope my knives are somewhere in the middle.

Like everything else it seems, we’re under construction, check back often for updates.


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