Steel Types

I’ve tried different types of steel, and I feel there are better options than commonly available in a big box blister pack.  They are more expensive, but a custom knife is well worth the price.

Tool Steels:  These steels are not stainless, they will tarnish and rust if not kept oiled, and well cared for, but make really great knives,

O-1:  This is a great oil hardening steel, fairly easy to sharpen to a keen edge.  Randall, in Florida uses this steel.  This is my primary tool steel

D2:  D2 has a relatively high chromium content, and might be considered stain resistant.


Stainless Steels

440C:  This is a very common steel in production knives, commonly purchased in a blister pack, but I never liked the feel of this steel when using a knife.  Until you use a fine blade in another steel, you don’t know what a big broad world of steel there is out there.


154CM:  A great steel, very similar to ATS-34.  This is my primary choice for stainless blades.

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